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Each of us is unique; what we wear should be unique, too. Moissanites are by far the rarest jewels in the world, even rarer than Diamonds. A gemstone born from the stars, discovered in a meteorite that fell from outter space by Nobel Prize winner Henri Moissan in 1893.

Since Moissanite is an extremely scarce crystal, after many years of trial & error its particles were successfully synthesized and are now ethically laboratory grown.

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Moissanite and diamond are indistinguishable from each other to the naked eye. In fact, Moissanite has more fire & brilliance than diamond with a higher refractive index and is the second hardest gemstone in the world right after diamond. Moissanites are forever gems that don't fade, scratch or tarnish and test positive on diamond testers.


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Diego Cuban Collection

VVS clarity

d color

Our selection of Forever Moissanite gems; the highest quality stones available on the market today guaranteed to be D Color and VVS clarity. Because they are grown in a laboratory they don’t have the large clarity imperfections that diamonds may contain. Always crystal clear eye-clean, while diamonds may contain imperfections.


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About Us

Moissanite Chain was born to be your reliable connection and trusted source of Custom & Handmade real VVS clarity Moissanite necklaces. For a long time diamonds have been the “go to” gem when creating fashion & luxury jewelry but we aim to change that. Since the discovery of Moissanites (The Gem That Came from Meteorites in Outer Space) that shine, sparkle and have more fire than diamonds — we believe this exotic crystal is the new standard!


Visit our ShowRoom: Via 330 Avro Avenue — Montréal, Québec – Canada


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